Not all hydraulic parts stores are created equal. We don’t just stock and ship parts. We provide safe, reliable solutions you can trust. Whether you’re looking for “hydraulic parts near me” or you need something shipped around the world, we have the expertise and supply chain to help...and fast.


Urgency: you need the part NOW! We understand the frustrations of dealing with inexperienced industry personnel, and it's not your fault. We cut out the middle men and have you speak directly with the experts, so we can supply you with the right part, the first time. We are responsive and we get the job done.

Expertise: we have the most talented hose, fitting, and connector specialists in Washington State. It's not just a hose or fitting, it's a critical component to support your system reliability. Do you know what you're looking for? We can supply it. Do you need help determining what you need? We can assist.

Inventory: we have the most extensive inventory in Whatcom County, and we get stock orders on a daily basis. The relationships with our fluid power vendors have been developed over 50+ years, so we can find what you need AND compete with the 'mega' corporations on price point.

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